When police calls in the middle of a surgery – Interesting story.


When police calls in the middle of a surgery – Interesting story.

I was in the middle of an dental implant surgery when my phone rang, mobile phones are the single most irritating and distracting factors that have entered our lives and work place.

So my assistant picked it up and brought it to me ear, I said


“Is this Dr Prateek Jain?”

“Yes, it is”

The same Dr Prateek who has a dental clinic in malviya nagar ,Jaipur?

“Yeaaaah, how can I help you?”, I said after getting a little irritated as my whole focus was on the dental implant surgery.

“This is Sub Inspector Mangli ram, you will have to rush to civil lines railway crossing”

“What kind of a joke is that,I am in the middle of a surgery and I cannot possibly RUSH to civil lines leaving this in between.”

“Dr sahib, please finish the job at hand and immediately come, it’s an emergency”

“What sort of an emergency?”

“Of the grave dangerous type, is there any other doctor?”

“Could you please elaborate a little”, Now I was curious

“There was an accident where a truck carrying salt bags turned over a car which was parked in civil lines.”

“What? That’s not good news, how do I come in the picture though?”

“For that you will have to come to civil lines.”

“Where in civil lines?”

I’ll tell you a landmark, right near Jaipur dental clinic, near civil lines crossing.

I know that clinic, it is my seniors practice. I’ll be there as soon as I am done with this case.

I finished the case and I reached near Jaipur dental clinic, to see a lot of media and police and when I reached near to the barricaded area I saw a toppled over truck and a car which looked like a new model of ford Eco sport but was completely damaged due to the weight of tons of salt bags which had fallen over it. The car had almost flattened like a cardboard box..

I found out who was Mangli ram and went to meet him.

“I am Dr Prateek Jain, you had called me an hour back.”

“Oh yes Doctor sahib, the reason I called you is this, we found a man seriously injured in the car. Now we have no identification papers or his wallet and in the salt we cannot find his mobile phone. But what we could find was this, and then he showed me my prescription, neatly folded in to a square. This we found from his pocket.”

I opened it up and saw the name, Zubin Mehta aged 42 years.

“Yes I know him, he was to visit our clinic in the afternoon today for a dental implant.”

“Can you give us his address or contact number of someone in his family?”

“Ofcourse I can, we keep record of every single patient on a cloud based software.”

I called up my reception and told him to send all the relevant details of Zubin Mehta.

Within 2 minutes I had all the details and gave it to sub inspector Mangliram.

He immediately called the number and within half an hour Zubin’s family reached the hospital to take care of him.

I came back to the clinic very satisfied as this rule of ours of taking all the relevant details of a patient today helped a patient himself in the most unexpected ways.

But I kept on thinking about one thing, Mangli ram could have taken these details on phone also, why did he have to call me all the way to civil lines wasting entire half day of mine. I guess that’s how it is in our country J

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