What is sinus lift surgery for dental implants and what to expect after a sinus lift surgery?

What is sinus lift surgery for dental implants and what to expect after a sinus lift surgery?

What is sinus lift surgery for dental implants and what to expect after a sinus lift surgery?

Sinus lift is the procedure which is performed when Dental implants are required in the upper jaw and the patient has less bone height for them. While the description may scare a few patients the procedure itself is fairly common and in the hands of an expert can give you very good results.

Patients have many questions regarding the procedure and I have tried to answer most of them through this article.

What is Sinus Lift?

The upper jaw has a hollow cavity called Maxillary Sinus. This sinus is lined by a very thin membrane which occupies the space that has been left after extraction of the upper molar and premolar teeth.

Why sinus lift surgery is required?

When the bone height remaining after extraction of upper molar and premolar teeth is less than adequate for placing dental implants, sinus lift surgery is required. For the dental implants to be successful they should fuse with the bone of the patient and when this bone is less we need to build it surgically.

How is the sinus lift surgery done?

For sinus lift surgery in Jaipur at our clinic as a first step we ask the patient to get a CBCT scan. Through this scan we will be able to get an accurate idea about the height, width and length of the bone remaining.

Once that is done the surgery is scheduled for a specific day. The surgery is done under local anesthesia, once the area is completely numb, the gums are reflected and a window is created to reach the membrane, which is then lifted and the extra space is then grafted with new bone. This new bone can be from patients own body or it could be from an external source like cow’s bone or chemically made hydroxyapatite bone.

The gums are then closed again using stitches.

What happens after the surgery?

The implants can be placed either simultaneously after doing the sinus lift or if the bone is really less than a waiting period of 6 months is recommended and then the implants are placed.

Right after the procedure a little amount of discomfort along with some swelling is expected and is normal. After sinus lift surgery in Jaipur,at our clinic we usually prescribe 7-10 days of antibiotics and painkillers.You’ll have to be careful not to sneeze or blow your nose heavily since this can move the bone graft material or dislodge your stitches. If you are prone to allergies, your surgery will probably be scheduled for a time of year when these won’t flare up.

After 7-10 days you’ll return to your dentist so he can check the progress of your healing.

What is the cost of sinus lift surgery in Jaipur?

The cost of surgery depends on the expertise of the surgeon and complexity of the sinus anatomy. To give you a rough idea, cost ranges between 10000-30000 per side of the jaw. This cost is just the surgeon’s fee, cost of bone grafting material is not included in this.

Why get sinus lift surgery in Jaipur at our center?

Dr. Prateek Jain is a trained maxillofacial surgeon who has expertise in complex dental implant surgeries. He has trained himself every year at various centers in Europe to sharpen his surgical skills. Apart from this our clinic is well equipped with everything that is latest in the field of dentistry.

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