Root Canal Treatment In Jaipur : When a patient calls… 3 AM in the night


Root Canal Treatment In Jaipur : When a patient calls… 3 AM in the night

Tale of a foreign national looking for Dental Tourism.

There are days when you just want a good night’s sleep after a long day in the clinic. With all the procedures done the back is hurting and the fingers are aching. All you pray is for a good night’s sleep.

But that is not how things work, right in the middle of the night my phone rang, instinctively I picked it up and here is what follows:

“Hello!” a female voice from the other end.

“Hi, how can I help you? “Said the sleepy dentist in me.

“This is Twisha and I am looking for root canal treatment in Jaipur, do you do that?”

“I was amused and surprised at the same time, 3 am in the night someone is asking such a specific question related to dentistry.”

“Of course we do, we specialise in single sitting root canal treatments but Ma’am we don’t do them at 3 am in the night”

“Oh! Please accept my apologies, I am speaking from the US and did not realise the time difference in our countries.”

“No problem, please elaborate a little what is it that is troubling your teeth?”

In single visit Root Canal Treatment In Jaipur

“Well my dentist here has told me that I have three rotten teeth which need to be treated properly. Since me and my family are coming for a vacation to Rajasthan in next 10 days I thought I’ll get my root canal treatment in Jaipur. Can that be managed in a span of 10 days doc?”

“Well I have not seen the X rays but we specialise in single visit Root canal treatment and I believe we can help you too.”

“Thank god! I wanted to get treatment from the best dentist in Jaipur and now I feel I have found one.”

“I would not say I am the best dentist in Jaipur, that would be very boastful but I can tell you and promise you one thing that we follow the best practices and treatment protocols being followed all over the world. So you will be in safe hands.”

“Thank you very much I am very excited, how do we go ahead?”

“Please drop in your e mail address on my number after this call and my front desk will get in touch with you tomorrow in the morning, you need to send your current reports and x rays and we will be good to go.”

“Thank you so much, I look forward to meet you when I reach Jaipur.”

“Thank you, have a good night Twisha J”

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