Wisdom tooth Removal in Jaipur

Wisdom Tooth removal In Jaipur

Wisdom teeth in the mouth are vestigial organs i.e they have no function but are there, very similar to appendix which has no function in the body and just like appendix wisdom teeth can also lead to sudden painful condition.
Wisdom teeth are not used for chewing food and we have total 4 of them –two in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw.

When is it necessary to get wisdom teeth removed?

1. When they are causing swelling in the gums.
2. When they are causing damage to the tooth lying in front of them.
3. When there is difficulty in maintaining proper hygiene leading to cavities.
4. Formation of cysts around unerupted wisdom teeth that can lead to damage of nerves and jaw.

Who should remove your wisdom teeth?

Wisdom tooth removal is a fairly complex procedure and should only be done by a specialist maxillofacial surgeon who has been trained to perform this complex procedure

Prateek JainMeet Dr Prateek Jain

Our wisdom tooth removal specialist.Dr Prateek Jain is an MDS in maxillofacial surgery,trained at the prestigious Govt.Dental College,Jaipur. He has an experience of over 4000 wisdom tooth removal surgeries and can perform simple to very complicated wisdom tooth extraction surgeries with ease.

Wisdom tooth Questions

Dr. Prateek Jain answers some of the common questions that we receive related to wisdom tooth extraction –

Is it a painful procedure ?

A slight discomfort after the extraction is expected and normal and though anxious and scared initially but in last 10 years I have seen patients cope up very well with the discomfort and all of them say the same thing “It’s not at all the way we were scared of it”

Why should I get it done from you?

We use a very sophisticated machine called piezoelectric.This machine is specifically made to perform wisdom tooth removal procedures.This leads to minimal post-operative discomfort and swelling.

Why should the extraction be done,Can’t you prescribe some medicine for it?

An impacted or half erupted wisdom tooth can lead to a lot of problems.Some of them being not able to maintain the hygiene properly,recurrent pain in the wisdom tooth area,difficulty in chewing and swallowing.
All these symptoms will subside once you take some antibiotics but they will surely come back again in 3-4 months as the half erupted tooth is still there.
The only solution to these recurrent problems is to get the wisdom tooth extracted.

Q3. My dentist has told me that if I do not get the wisdom tooth removed it will spoil the teeth in front of it.Is it true?

Yes this is a very real possibility,as wisdom tooth being half erupted does not allow proper cleanliness and hygiene maintenance,this can lead to caries in the tooth in front of it and that can lead to a painful condition.Hence your dentist has rightly advised you about it.

Q4. Will there be stitches ?

In case we are removing the upper wisdom tooth,there is no need for stitches,however in case of lower wisdom tooth two or three stitches are needed to close the gums.

Q5. Will i need rest after wisdom tooth extraction?

No you do not require any bedrest of leave of absence from your work.

Q6. What are the charges of wisdom tooth surgery?

The charges vary from Rs 3500 to Rs 7000 depending on the complexity of the procedure,the amount of time that will be needed to remove it and from which Jaw the tooth is to be removed.

Testimonial of patient who got their wisdom tooth extracted by Dr.Prateek Jain

These are the most common questions that are asked by the patient.What we can assure you is getting the wisdom tooth extraction done is a good step to prevent decay in other teeth and saving yourself from the trouble of taking antibiotics again and again.

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