Why do Dental treatment costs vary from clinic to clinic


Why do Dental treatment costs vary from clinic to clinic

“Why do Dental treatment costs vary from clinic to clinic?” -A question that patients have on their mind.

“So what’s dental treatment cost is Jaipur?” I was surprised to be asked this question by an Australian national who was sitting beside me in my flight from Delhi to Jaipur while I was coming back after attending an Implant conference in Delhi.

I was both amused and intrigued because till now we were just asking each other the usual co traveller questions – where are you from? , where are you going? , how come Jaipur? What do you do for a living?

I got to know that he is a graphic designer working in Sydney and is on a vacation in India and plans to travel Jaipur Jodhpur and Agra.

However as soon as I told him that I am a dentist in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur and my practice specialises in Dental implants, he shot this question at me “So what’s the dental treatment cost in Jaipur?”

So I explained these following factors on which the cost of dental treatment depends and differs from dentist to dentist and clinic to clinic.

So here are few of the factors:

Materials and Manufacturers:

Today in a boundary less world one can get a Dental implant in Jaipur made from Israel, Korea, U.S.A or Sweden. All these come at a different cost however a practice which uses more of an Israel made implant will charge you lesser as compared to someone who is using more of Korean based implant.

Dentistry is purely material driven and this makes a major contribution to the cost of your dental treatment.

Equipment in the clinic:

This is the basic investment which the dentist has done in his clinic before starting his practice. Someone who has installed the best of the equipment which are latest in the field of dentistry will be charging you more as compared to someone who has not updated his clinic for a long time.

The team and its members:

A practice having no staff or may be just one helping staff has no overheads to look after no salaries to give at the end of the month and hence will be able to offer you treatments at a price which is lesser than a dentist who has three assistants and has a two or three dental chairs in his clinic.

While cheaper this clinic however doesn’t have enough man power to give you a world class customer service and satisfaction, also being under man powered this clinic will not be able to tackle more than one patient at a time and thus will lead to appointments getting either cancelled or longer waiting times in the reception.

Is the dentist constantly educating himself on latest in dentistry?

Clinical courses and continued dental education through workshops and conferences come at a price and cost and the dentist who is constantly learning newer and newer things will be able to offer you better and sophisticated answers to your dental problems as compared to some dentist near you who is stagnant in his clinical knowledge and has not updated himself. Needless to say the updated dentist will be a charging a little more for his services as compared to someone who is stagnant.

In the end with a smile he said, “Very well said doc, one last question though”

I said,” Please ask “

He said “someone who applies all these factors in his practice, will he not be the best dentist in Jaipur?”

I said, “Of course! You are absolutely right” and then we landed at the Jaipur international airport exchanged our business cards and said all the best to each other and went on our respective onward journeys.

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