Why Do My Gums Bleed On Brushing?


Why Do My Gums Bleed On Brushing?

Ever wondered why do your gums bleed after you brush your teeth?There can be many reasons but one of the most common is:

Calculus buildup leading to swelling of gums.These swollen gums when come in contact with a tooth brush get injusred by even slight amount of friction leading to bleeding.

So how can you avoid this fairly common problem?Three simple steps that you take today will solve this problem.

1.Brush twice daily : Every one knows that they need to brush twice daily,but very few follow it.Brushing twice daily helps reduce the plaque build up and prevent gum inflammation.

2.Use a Mouthwash : A chlorhexidine mouthwash when used on a regular basis,helps in reducing the bacterial population and keeps the mouth healthy.There are many preparations available but we recommend Colgate Plax as it is alcohol free hence has practically no stinging sensation when used.

3. Go visit the Dentists every 6 months : There are certain areas of your mouth which can not be cleaned by brush alone and require a professional cleaning.Your dentist has been trained to do cleaning of teeth both superficially as well as of deeper tissues.

We hope these simple steps will improve the health of your gums and will reduce the bleeding which occurs on brushing.


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