Treatment of Pyorrhea

Treatment of Pyorrhea

Pyorrhea is one of the most common problems affecting general population. It is also called as periodontitis. This condition of gums leads to bleeding and swelling and at an advanced stage can cause loosening or mobility of teeth.
Pyorrhea can be cause by many factors like smoking, diabetes and vitamin C deficiency. If left untreated the patient can soon start losing his teeth.

Some of the treatments of gum disease in Jaipur are surgical like :

Flap Surgery or pocket reduction surgery :

Flap surgery involves lifting of the gums away from the teeth and bone and then this surface is cleaned of tartar and infectious granulation tissue.The gums are then again stitched back to a position where they tightly fit around the teeth there by reducing the gap between the teeth and the gums.This process thus reduces the areas where the bacteria can grow and cause significant gums disease in future.

Bone grafting :

This is a procedure where additional bone is used to create a platform on which new bone can grow and take shape.This additional bone can come either from the patient’s own body or from artificial sources.New technology like tissue engineering encourages your own body to form bone and associated tissues at an accelerated rate.

Soft tissue grafts :

This procedure is done in areas where the gums have become thin or are practically absent. For this additional gum tissue is taken from the roof of mouth and is placed in the deficient areas.After healing the area where gums were thin become healthy again.
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