Treatment of Irregular Teeth in Jaipur

Braces – For treatment of irregular teeth in Jaipur.

Irregular teeth lead to a lot of problems right from difficulty in cleaning the food properly to lack of confidence because the smile is not good. Teenagers in particular are very conscious on how they look and how their personality is shaping up.

Braces – For treatment of irregular teeth in jaipur

Some of the most frequently asked questions with regards to braces are :

Q1. What are braces or brackets or tooth clips?

A. Orthodontic braces are used in the correction of irregular teeth.These are clips which are attached to the teeth with the help of a special bond and then a wire is attached to them. This wire exerts pressure on these brackets which in tur move the teeth in a certain desired direction to correct the irregularity.

Q2. Are their different types of braces available?

A. yes! Over the years a lot of research and development in the field has led to the introduction of different types of braces. However the most popular ones amongst the dentist as well as the patients for treatment of irregular teeth in Jaipur are :

  • Metal
  • Ceramic

Metal ones are visible from a distance and ceramic ones are practically invisible from a distance but if some one is standing very close then they are visible.

Q3. What is the right age for getting treatment of irregular teeth in Jaipur?

Treatment of irregular teeth can start from in and around the age of 7 when the permanent first molars have erupted in the mouth,it’s a misconception that the treatment of irregular teeth with braces should start when the child reaches the age of 12 or 13.Starting early the orthodontist can use the jaw growth to position the teeth perfectly in the mouth.

Q4. How many times do I need to come to get the correction of irregular teeth in Jaipur?

A you need to visit our clinic one in every 3/4 weeks depending on the kind of problem you have.At every visit the orthodontist will change your wire on your brackets which then starts exerting the force on your teeth.

Q5. How long does the treatment lasts?

The duration of treatment for irregular teeth in Jaipur can range from 8-24 months depending on the severity of problem.The force exerted by the wire and the braces has to be very slow so that the patient is comfortable and we get a very predictable and favorable outcome.

Q6. Why should I choose facekraft dental clinic for treatment of irregular teeth in Jaipur?

A.We have the best orthodontist in Jaipur who have seen and treated every possible case that you can think of when it comes to treatment of irregular teeth with braces.Our experience and expertise is second to none.