Stitchless Earlobe Repair

Stitchless Earlobe Repair in Jaipur

Worried about losing your favourite earrings because the existing piercings of your earslobes have become larger than they used to be?
Worried about the pain associated with stitches that are used in treatment of enlarged earlobes?
Worried about the mark that will be left behind after getting treatment of enlarged ear lobes through stitches?
Dr Prateek Jain is an expert in treatment of enlarged ear lobe holes without stitches. Dr Prateek Jain has done over 1000 ear lobes and his success rate for the procedure is about 97%.

Some of the frequently asked questions :

Q. is stitchless/stitchfree earlobe repair successful ?

A. Traditionally ear lobe repair was done using stitches and in that the surgeon used to cut the entire ear lobe,however now with the advent of lasers and electro cautery one does not need to use stitches for closure of ear lobe holes. Stitchless Earlobe Repair in Jaipur is a very successful procedure and Dr Prateek Jain is an expert of the same.

Q After how many days will I be able to wear my earring again?

A. Depending on the case either immediately or after 10 days ! Yes ! in traditional method the surgeon asks to wear the earring aftr 3 to 6 months but with stitch free repair of ear lobes you can wear your earrings within 10 days.

Q. Will there be pain?

A. Stitchfree repair of ear lobes at our clinic is a painless procedure.The patient is very comfortable both during and after treatment.

Q.Will it reopen?

A. The cleft that we close will never reopen. How ever the new hole/piercing that will be made can enlarge in future.

Q.Will the procedure leave a mark on my ear lobe?

A. Stitchless Earlobe Repair usually do not leave any mark however in some cases it might leave a very thin or faint line.
So if you are looking for stitchfree repair of ear lobes in Jaipur,then facekraft is the right place to get it done.