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Braces treatment in Jaipur
Irregular teeth in children is becoming a common problem, changing dietary habits as well as evolution of our race is leading to this problem. Irregular teeth lead to a lot of problems in adulthood like poor oral hygiene maintenance, lack of confidence while smiling and underdevelopment of jaws.
There are various treatment options available for the treatment of irregular teeth in Jaipur. Metal, ceramic ,behind the teeth and invisible braces are some of them.

Price of dental braces in Jaipur.

Cost of braces treatment in Jaipur depends on the severity of the irregularity in teeth as well as the kind of dental braces that the patient chooses for his treatment. Dental braces treatment is done by a qualified specialist orthodontist.

Time taken to finish the braces treatment

Usually the treatment is finished within 15-20 months,this is average time taken,some cases we finish with in an year and in some cases it takes about 24 months.Every thing depends on the severity of irregularity which the patient has.
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Dental implants in Jaipur

Missing a tooth and you have been suggested a dental implant as a replacement option?

Dental implants are the best solution to a missing tooth. Dental implants basically replace the root of a missing tooth and after a healing period of 3-4 months these root form structures are then connected to an artificial tooth.

Cost of dental implants in Jaipur?

Cost of dental implants in Jaipur varies according to the expertise and experience of the dentists as well as according to the available bone in which the implant is to be placed. Sometimes it becomes necessary to augment the bone via artificial means.

Is it a painful procedure?

The procedure to place dental implants is a very comfortable as well as very predictable for the patients. There is minimal discomfort if any and the recovery period is limited to one or two days.

Can dental implants be used to replace single or multiple teeth?

Yes dental implants can be used to replace single as well as multiple teeth. For more information click on the following links.

Root canal treatment in Jaipur
Having a painful tooth and looking for a remedy? First things first take a tablet having diclofenac and paracetamol combination three times a day.This will give you some relief.You can also try warm saline rinse or placing a cotton soaked in clove oil in the painful tooth.
The above measures done together or individually will give you some relief from your symptoms. However 8 out of 10 times the pain will come in two three days.If that happens you need to see a good dentist who can diagnose as well as treat the painful tooth.
Usually a root canal treatment is done to relieve the painful tooth of all the infection and give long term relief to the patient.
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Teeth cleaning in Jaipur
Teeth cleaning or dental scaling is a procedure done in one or two sittings where in the teeth and their roots are cleaned with the help of a special machine called ultrasonic scalar.
This scalar with its vibrating tips break the dirt deposited around the teeth in the form of calculus. There is some misinformation regarding this and there is a general belief that cleaning of teeth will either lead to loss of superficial layer of teeth called enamel or cleaning will make the teeth weaker.
On the contrary cleaning of teeth helps keep the gums in a very healthy state and prevent gums infection and swelling. Patients who come with the complaint of bad or foul smell from mouth are benefited with this procedure.
Teeth cleaning price in Jaipur will be in the range of 800 to 1200 Rs per sitting depending on the experience, facilities and most importantly the kind of dirt or stains you have on your teeth.
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