Orthodontic Treatment In Jaipur


FACE KRAFT All inclusive Braces Package :

Offer Includes :

  • Package starts at INR 19,900
  • Free consultation with specialist orthodontist.
  • Teeth Cleaning before starting the procedure
  • Non surgical extractions if any needed.
  • Diagnostic Casts
  • Braces (Metal,ceramic,colored ,lingual or clear path depending on the package chosen)
  • Removable retainer after completion of the treatment ( only if the orthodontist recommends )
  • No charges on follow up visits

Are there different types of braces? :

Yes, braces can be of Metal,Ceramic,Colored,Lingual and Clear path.While all perform the same function,they look very different.

Who will treat me?

At FACE KRAFT Dental Clinic, treatment of irregular teeth is done by specialist orthodontists. Those who are looking for an orthodontist in Jaipur, FACE KRAFT CLINIC is the place to drop by. Our specialists are polite and great with kids. We are one of the best dentist clinics in Jaipur.

Why should I choose FACE KRAFT Dental Clinic for my Ortho treatment?

FACE KRAFT is a dental clinic in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur. Malviya Nagar is easily approachable and commutable from all corners of the city. Treatment is done only by specialists who have been trained for years to correct irregular teeth. Our charges are reasonable and pocket friendly.