Wisdom Tooth Correction (Third Molar) In Jaipur, India

Treatment of Wisdom teeth pain

Wisdom tooth pain is a very common problem, a major part of the population in the age group of 18-35 suffer from it.Wisdom teeth like appendix have become vestigial organs and they do not help in chewing of food.

Wisdom erupt between 18-22 years of age and depending on the jaw size either they erupt straight or come out at an angle.

Problems caused by wisdom teeth :

  1. Recurrent pain or pericoronitis: swelling and pain in the gums overlying the wisdom tooth which comes and goes on regular intervals.
  2. Food lodgement  : Food gets stuck in the area between the wisdom tooth and the tooth just in front of it. This can lead to development of cavity both in the wisdom tooth and the tooth in front of it.
  3. Reduced mouth opening  : due to recurrent infection in the area of wisdom tooth the mouth opening reduces.
  4. Upper wisdom teeth can cause cheek biting leading to ulcer formation in the cheek.


Most of the patients that visit our clinic for wisdom tooth treatment are fearful of the pain and swelling associated with the procedure. However with modern equipment and better surgical techniques we at facekraft make the treatment of wisdom tooth pain free.

Treatment of wisdom teeth pain at home :

If you are looking for non surgical treatment of wisdom teeth pain then do the following :

  • Take lukewarm water in a glass of water and add a tea spoon salt in it, start doing gargles 5-6 times a day and rinse the area of wisdom tooth pain with it. This will help you by reducing the swelling and pain in the gums overlying the wisdom tooth.
  • Painkillers and antibiotics : Meet your dentist and ask for these, this will also help in reducing the pain.

However if the above two methods do not give you relief then there is last option to get the tooth removed. This is done under local anaesthesia and with torque driven handpieces and surgery unit the process becomes very comfortable with little post operative discomfort.