Laser Dentistry In Jaipur, India

Laser Dentistry In Jaipur

Laser Wart,Mole and Skin Tag removal.

1) How are Warts and moles removed?

We use a laser to remove the warts,moles and skin tags.

2) Is the procedure pain free?

The procedure is of just 10 minutes and is completely pain free.

3) Will there be any scar marks left after the skin heals?

There will be no scar or marks which will remain after wart/mole removal.

4) Will they come back?

A skin tag will never come back,however if it is a viral wart it might recur after sometime from some neighboring region.

5) Which all areas the warts/skin tags can be removed?

We at FACE KRAFT specialize in areas around neck and face and these are the areas we remove the skin tags and warts from.