I want to get my teeth straightened and want to know the cost of dental braces in Jaipur.

I want to get my teeth straightened and want to know the cost of dental braces in Jaipur.

“I want to get my teeth straightened and want to know the cost of dental braces in Jaipur.”

A very common question that we come across in our practice is what is the cost of dental braces and how much time will it take for the treatment.

With the advancement of dental research and with introduction of new materials braces have come a long way from those ugly metallic objects to invisible trays that are not even visible to the eye.

Through this article I will try to answer this very question along with the avg price range that as a patient you might be paying for your treatment.

Types of braces and their cost :

  1. Metal Braces:

Most Common type of braces are metal braces. These braces are usually chosen by students and youngsters who are still in college or school.
These braces are aesthetically not very pleasing and because of their sharper borders lead to mouth ulcers.

Cost of metal braces in Jaipur varies from 25000 to 30000 depending on the experience, setup and complexity of the irregularity in the teeth.

  1. Ceramic Braces :

When the demand for better looking braces arose the companies designed braces made something called as ceramic braces. These are smaller, almost transparent and visually appealing. These braces also move the teeth faster as compared to the metal braces. Most of the adults who are now in their jobs select these braces as their treatment choice.

The cost of ceramic braces in Jaipur is about 35000 to 40000 again depending on the experience and setup of the treating dentist and complexity of the problem that the patient has.

  1. Self-Ligating Braces :

The metal or the ceramic braces explained above use an elastic or a rubber band to lock the wire in the brackets. This wire is the one that does the magic of straightening the teeth. However, the rubber band used to lock this wire gets stained and accumulates food leading to foul smell. At times, this rubber band also breaks leading to loosening of the wire. So the visit of the patient to the dental clinic increases.

To solve this problem self-ligating braces were designed. These braces have a lock built within them which totally removes the rubber band used in metal or ceramic braces.

Because of this feature of built in lock for the wire the maintenance of hygiene becomes easier, these braces also give faster result than conventional braces.

Cost of self-ligating braces in Jaipur varies from 60,000 to 80,000. This depends on the material of the braces as well the complexity of the problem.

  1. Lingual Braces:

These are completely opposite to normal braces. Here the braces are placed on the back side of the teeth. However, these braces come with their set of problems like ulcers on tongue and separation of bracket from the tooth due to pressure of chewing.

We do not recommend this technique of irregular teeth correction.

  1. Aligners :

The newest kid on the block is dental aligners. With the help of modern technology and assistance via computer software it has become easier to predict the movement of teeth and according to that prediction a set of trays called aligners are fabricated and given to the patient. The patient needs to visit the clinic only all the trays given to him by the dentist have been used by him.

Each tray is usually used for 15 days and after that the next one is to be worn by the patient.

The advantage of such a technique is that these trays are removal, highly aesthetic and help the patient maintain exception hygiene even during the treatment.

The disadvantage is that the whole control of the treatment is now in the hands of the patient and that leads to variable results and duration of the treatment. This happens as the patient can wear and remove the trays at will and according his own wish.

Cost of dental aligners in Jaipur varies from 1.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs depending on the severity of patient’s dental irregularity.

So this is all about dental braces and their cost. For any further queries you can call us on 7023271994 or email us on info@facekraftclinic.com and we would be happy to answer all your questions.

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