Treatment of bad breath

Treatment of bad breath

Bad breath/morning breath/foul breath or halitosis are  terms describing the same condition: foul odour coming out from the mouth.This foul odour or reath can be due to :

  • Eating of certain food items like onion and garlic,in this case this lasts for a few hours and then goes away.
  • Permanent foul odour which comes out of a patients mouth.This can be due to gums disease,large cavities in the mouth old dentures which are not being cleaned,poor oral health maintenance which occurs due to improper brushing and not cleaning the tongue.

We at facekraft dental can do the treatment for bad breath in Jaipur using top notch cleaning equipment and after that medicinal mouthwash will be prescribed to maintain your oral health.We  offer you a customized oral health plan where in you can get membership card to get regular cleanings done at a very reasonable investment.

For more information on charges for treatment of bad breath or for charges of scaling in Jaipur kindly contact us on 7023271994.