Teeth Scaling & Polishing : Teeth Cleaning

Scaling and Polishing of teeth: Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning of teeth at regular intervals is essential, even when you are brushing regularly and properly. The teeth and their position in the mouth making it difficult for the brush to reach all the places and clean them properly. Hence with time the calcium and the phosphate salts present in the saliva deposit on the teeth and this soft deposit along with bacteria and food build up over time to form calculus or tartar.
This build-up leads to foul smell and discoloration of teeth. As the deposit keeps on building over teeth near the gums it leads to swelling of gums and loss of tooth support with time which can be in months or a few years.
Because of this it is very important that a regular checkup as well as clean up is performed so that healthy gums can be maintained and the old saying goes…healthy gums means teeth for life.

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Q1. How is this cleaning done?

Ans. Cleaning of teeth is done with the help of an ultrasonic specially made machine. The tip of this instrument in touched on the calculus which then removes it with its vibrations.

Q2. Can stains of coffee, tea or smoking be removed with the cleaning of teeth?

Ans. Yes, all the stains and colors which are deposited right on the surface of teeth can be removed with the help of cleaning of teeth.

Q3 How frequently should cleaning of teeth be done?

Ans. Cleaning of teeth should be done every 6 months, by getting this done your dentist would be able to keep any gums disease in check and can treat it right at the very beginning which saves a lot of time and money for the patient.

Q4. Will my teeth become weak when I get cleaning done?

Ans. This is the most commonly asked questions, cleaning of teeth never weakens your teeth. The tartar and the dirt deposited around the teeth and the gums make the gums weak and that leads to mobility or weakening of teeth. Scaling or cleaning of teeth actually helps in removing this build up and hence takes your teeth from an unhealthy state to a healthy one.