Gummy Smile Correction in Jaipur

Gummy Smile correction in Jaipur

Do you feel that you require treatment for gummy smile?Do you feel more gums show when you smile?Do you feel that your teeth show less when you smile and you find them short in length.?
You are not alone,at facekraft dental we get many patients complaining about the same things. Traditionally gummy smile was treated with the help of a surgical procedure however with advancements in dental field and the treatment for gummy smiles in jiapur can now be done with the help of lasers.
It’s a 30 minutes procedure where excess gum tissue is removed from the jaw.A removal of 1-2 mm leads to dramatic results and patients achieve a smile which they always wanted.The procedure is very comfortable and because laser is used there is minimal bleeding and discomfort during and after the procedure.
The whole procedure is of single sitting which is done 30 minutes under local anaesthesia.
Dr Prateek Jain is an expert for gummy smile correction in Jaipur and has been doing this treatment procedure for over 8 years now.