Gum Treatment

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is often silent, meaning symptoms may not appear until an advanced stage of the disease.

Symptoms of Gum Disease.

1. Bleeding in gums while brushing teeth
2. Bad taste in your mouth
3. Red and swollen gums
4. Bad Breath
5. Painful chewing
6. Sensitive Teeth
7. Loose Teeth


What to do if you have Gum Disease?

If you are being told that you have gum disease. No need to worry! You
are not alone. Many people suffering from this disease. Dental disease effects not only on teeth it also effects on gum and tongue. This can cause a range of problems like a toothache, cavity, plaque etc. This can happen when your teeth are not cleaned properly.

General Questions of Gum treatment?

  • Do we need regular treatment of gums?
  • Is scaling/cleaning of teeth necessary at regular intervals?
  • Is deep cleaning of gums using flap surgery a good option?
  • Why does my mouth give a bad smell?
  • My gums bleed when I brush, is it normal?

These are very common questions that we get on a daily basis is our practice. Patients are scared that getting their teeth cleaned will lead to either weakening or loss of tooth layer.
However, in reality, this is a very common misconception. Dental cleaning always keeps the gums in a healthy state and removes the dirt and food that accumulates on teeth with time.

Gum treatment at Jaipur Dental Clinic, Facekraft by best dentist

Sometimes when the patient comes with the complaint of bleeding gums we do need to perform a minor surgical procedure called flap surgery in which we clean the surface of the root as well as the surrounding bone. This, in turn, leads to healthier gums and increases the longevity of teeth.
We at Face Kraft Dental implant clinic use a German made ultrasonic scaler which is the best in its category. It cleans the teeth in no time and works only on the dirt and food that has accumulated around the teeth making the treatment completely painless.

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