Dentist Near Me

“How Do I select a Dentist Near Me” – What things should you look at to select the right Dentist.

Dentist Near Me

Just the thought of visiting a dentist gives the most strong hearted a chill down their spine. It’s anxiety producing and this situation is further compounded when you are trying to select a new practice or a new dentist for yourself.

Some of the questions which go through a patients mind are :

  • Is the dentist near me well trained?
  • How hygienic is the practice?
  • Is the tooth clinic well equipped to handle all types of cases?
  • I searched google for Dentist near me but I have found many practices-Which is the right one?

So as a dentist I thought why not I give you some basic pointers that will help you select the best dentist near you or your home.

Here we go :

How experienced is the dentist near me?

Keep calm & visit Dentist Near Me
Experience matters a lot. Dentist who has been working for more than 5 years is a good choice.

Has he done Masters Dentist near me?

After BDS there is a 3 years Master’s program called MDS. Do see in your research if the dentist that you are selecting has done his masters or not. Clinicians who have done MDS after BDS know their field well and Have in depth knowledge.

Is dentist near me seeing patients on appointment basis?

A dentist seeing patients only on appointment basis will always value your time. Dental treatment sittings are for a duration of 45 to 60 minutes and a dentist working appointment basis is the right choice as that way your waiting time in his reception is reduced.

Is the clinic well maintained and hygienic?

Find out how well equipped is the clinic. How many people are working there? Is it a multichair practice? Do they offer digital X-rays?Answers to these questions will help you judge how well maintained and equipped this clinic is.

Is the clinic offering advanced treatments like Dental implants and braces?

Dental implants and braces are a sophisticated treatment modality and not everyone can do it. Hence a clinic which has proficiency in these two treatment options becomes a very good choice.

I hope this article will help you answer the question how do I select a dentist near me.

Prateek Jain Dr Prateek Jain is a dentist in Jaipur.He is a trained Maxillofacial and Implant specialist.He did his post graduate training at the prestigious SMS Hospital, Jaipur.An expert in Implant placement and ear lobe surgeries,he has keen interest in the well being of his patients and loves the profession of dentistry as it allows him to serve people and help them attain a level of oral health which is essential for their well being.His dream is to become the best dentist is Jaipur,which he believes he will achieve very soon through his endless clinical training and his deep interest in the field of dentistry.