Dental Tourism

Dental treatment in Jaipur costs very less as compared to Europe, USA or any other developed country at the same time you get equivalent quality of the treatment and the materials.Hence Jaipur being a tourist hub many tourists plan their travel in such a way that they get their dental treatment done while they are on a vacation.The cost of both the travel as well as the vacation is still less as compared to the dental treatment in any western country.

We have state of the art equipment to provide all sorts of dental services.We provide emergency dental treatment as well making your vacation in India hassle free.

You might need a root canal treatment,which with the advancement in technology,can be comfortably finished in one sitting.However every case is different and the dentist can decide once he sees you in the clinic.

You should ask for reference from your hotel staff or serach on google and then contact the dental office to fix up an appointment.Online reviews of the clinic can be read on various social media sites like Facebook etc to be sure of the quality and professionalism.

Jaipur has many good dental clinics.For eg our dental office uses top notch materials from US FDA approved manufacturers like 3M,Dentsply and Nobel Bio care.Quality assurance is given by the fact that Dr Prateek Jain is a highly qualified and skilled dentist who got his training from the best of the institutes in India.He is continuously upgrading himself by attending various courses and workshops.

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan.It is very well connected with all the major tourist cities in India by road,rail as well as flight.

English,Hindi and rajasthani languages are spoken by most of the people you will commonly come across while at your stay.

A tip is something extra that the tourist can give to the porter or to the tourist guide if they are happy with the services being provided.Usually in restaurants it is about 10% of the total bill.However you can skip the same if the restaurant has already charged you service charges in the bill.

Jaipur while a modern city still has deep rooted culture,hence skimpily dressed tourists are going to be stared at.Its advisable to dress in loose comfortable informal cloths during the day and while in the evening one can wear smart casual cloths.