Sinus Lift Surgery

Sinus Lift Surgery in Jaipur

What is it ?
Sinus lift surgery also called as sinus augmentation procedure in done in cases where there is deficient or less than adequate bone in the upper jaw for placement of dental implants. In this a small window is created in the upper jaw and then artificial bone missed with patients own bone is placed to increase the height/thickness of existing bone.

Who can do it?
A trained oral and maxillofacial surgeon can do it. Dr Prateek Jain is a specialist maxillofacial surgeon trained from the prestigious Govt. dental college and SMS hospital.

Why is it needed?
When the teeth have been removed for a long time the sinus lining of the upper jaw comes down and takes the space as the bone goes keeps on getting thinner. So to make sure that there is ample amount of height for placement of implant sinus lift surgery is to be done.

Is it a painful procedure?
A slight amount of discomfort is expected as sinus lift is a minor surgical procedure done under local anaesthesia, however the discomfort goes away in two three days. There is no rest required in this.

Sinus Lift Surgery in Jaipur