Single & Multiple Dental Implant

Single Tooth Implant :

Why replace a missing tooth?

Most of the patients think that when they can chew comfortably then why should they replace a missing tooth? Replacement of a missing tooth is necessary to maintain the way the teeth in upper and lower jaw meet and help in chewing of food.
If a single missing tooth is not replaced the teeth before and after the missing tooth start moving and they try to cover that space with their movement.The tooth just below the missing tooth starts to supra erupt and thus it leads to disturbance in your teeth relationships.

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How to replace a missing tooth?

This can be done either by a bridge or a Single tooth dental implant.

What are dental implants?

Dental implant is an artificial root which is made of titanium and this is planted inside the jaw bone with the help of a minor surgical procedure which is done under local anaesthesia(hence pain less).
After a healing period of few months these titanium implants fuses with the jaw bone and thus becomes a part of our body.Over this single tooth dental implant a crown (cap) is attached and then the patient gets a brand new tooth which is closest to a natural tooth.

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Who can perform this procedure ?

A dental implant specialist is the one who should perform this procedure.

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Why us?

If you are looking for the best dental implant doctor in Jaipur then FACE KRAFT Dental Implant Clinic is the right clinic for you because :

1.Our chief implant dentist is a specialist:
Dr Prateek Jain is considered to be one the best dental implant doctors in Jaipur because he was trained in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at the prestigious Govt.Dental College ,Jaipur.

2. Trained Staff :
We have over the years trained our staff to take care of our patient’s every possible need, right from handling their appointment schedule to after care oncethe dental implant procedure has been done.

3. Experience:
Dr Prateek Jain has an experience of over 9 years in the field and he has done a original research work for three years on dental implants which are placed immediately with the extraction of a tooth.Dr Prateek Jain today is considered one of the best dental implant doctor in Jaipur,because he is updated with all the new surgical techniques,various implant systems like Korean made,Israel made and Swiss made implants.
So if you are anxious,apprehensive or just want to know more about single tooth dental implants,come over by booking an appointment.We today boast of having one of the best dental implant doctor in Jaipur and our team will take good care of you.

3. Only by Appointment
We see patients only by appointments and make sure that we are always on time.

We at FACE KRAFT dental implant clinic use the world’s most renowned implant companies in our practice.These implants are made of grade 4 titanium,the best material.