Permanent Teeth In 3 Days In Jaipur, India

Fixed teeth in 3 days : All on 4 technique of dental implants.

Can you get fixed teeth and that too in three days? Well, implant dentistry has come a long way with development of new and better procedures for giving fixed teeth to patients and All on 4 technique is one of them.

What is all on 4 technique of Implant placement :

In all on 4 technique all the artificial teeth in the jaw upto the first molar are supported by just 4 dental implants in each jaw.These implants after being placed in the jaw bone are then connected to each other with the help of a circular bar thus making them one single unit kind of like RCC structure in the construction of a building where individual TMT bars are connected to each other.

What are the benefits?

  • Shorter healing time
  • Less amount of bone which is required for implant placement
  • Cases which have been refused by other implant surgeons can be done with this procedure.
  • Patient gets fixed teeth with in 72 hour of placing the implants in the jaw bone.
  • Less discomfort post operatively.

So if you are short of time and want fixed teeth immediately then fixed teeth in 3 days with all on technique is the solution you should opt for.

Fixed teeth in 3 days All on 4 technique of dental implants-facekraft