Full Mouth Implants In Jaipur, India

Full Mouth Implants In Jaipur India

Dentistry is changing at a rapid pace.Treatments which were not imaginable a decade ago have become part of routine dental practice now.

One such treatment option is fixed teeth with the help of full mouth dental implants.

Here are some of the common question related to full mouth dental implants :

Q1. I wear dentures,what benefits will I get with implants?

Dentures are a thing of past.They have many negative aspects to them like they become lose over a period of time,do not have the same biting force as natural teeth,fall out if the patient laughs out loud.

Gone are the days when patients had to use this old treatment option to get new teeth.

Dr Prateek Jain is an expert of fixed teeth given with the help of full mouth implants in Jaipur,India.

Once the procedure is done patients can chew what they want and not what they can.

Q2. How much time does it take?

The whole process involves through planning and we at facekraft are experts in fixed teeth supported on full mouth implants in Jaipur India. This procedure requires an interdisciplinary approach and patients usually get a temporary set of fixed teeth on the third day of surgery and a final set of fixed teeth at 3rd month after the procedure.

Q3. So you are saying I can start chewing from 3rd day after the procedure?

Yes ! you can,from 3rd day onwards you can start chewing routine food stuff.

Q4. Any special precaution that needs to be taken?

Nothing special is required,just proper brushing and cleaning of mouth and regular check up with us every 6 months is all that is required.

How do I start the process?

If You are looking for fixed teeth on full mouth implants in Jaipur,India,then facekraft dental implant clinic is the right place for you.Reach out to us on 7023271994 or simply fill the contact us form and our team will call you by the next working day.