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Dental Implants In Jaipur : Why Dentures are a thing of past for our elders.

With age our parents, grandparents lose teeth. There are various reasons which lead to loss of teeth. Some of the common reasons are :

  1. Lack of awareness about oral hygiene.
  2. Poor maintenance of teeth.
  3. Not been given right treatment in the past

So as they lose teeth the chewing efficiency decreases and the food that they can eat and chew becomes limited.

Dental implants in jaipur at Face Kraft Clinic

Traditionally patients were given removable dentures as the final line of treatment. However these dentures have their own set of problems.

Problems like:

  1. Dentures are not fixed like natural teeth and they become loose with usage hence a regular maintenance is required.
  2. These dentures fall out if patient is yawning or laughing out loudly, which becomes embarrassing for the patient and is a cause of concern.
  3. While chewing food the lower denture lifts up due to the movement of tongue.
  4. These dentures if fall out can break or the teeth fitted in them can come out.

So what are the new age solutions that can help patients who are facing all these problems?

  1. Fixed teeth on dental implants :

At our dental clinic in malviya nagar, Jaipur we give the patients an option for getting fixed teeth on dental implants. These teeth are exactly how your natural teeth were and you can clean and chew with them in the same way as you used to do with your natural teeth.

  1. Implant supported dentures.

Dr Prateek Jain has been doing dental implants in Jaipur for 7 years now and he suggests that those patients who are looking for a treatment option which can suit their budget can get their existing dentures fixed on dental implants. After this is done the lower and upper denture do not move or fall out when chewing food or when laughing or yawning.

  1. Patients who have less bone but want fixed teeth now.

In such cases we give fixed teeth to patients using a technique called All on 4 or All on 6.Which means 4 or 6 dental implants are placed in the jaw bone in such a way that all the teeth of the patient can be given on these implants.

Point is times have changed and its’s not necessary anymore to keep using old loose dentures which are not serving the purpose.

Dental implants in jaipur by experienced Dr. Prateek Jain

Why would you want to travel by a horse kart in an era where we have already reached the Mars.

Dr Prateek Jain is the Principal Dentist in malviya nagar,Jaipur.He practices at his clinic Facekraft Dental Implant Centre.His primary focus and interest is to work with patients who wear dentures and are not able to chew the food properly.

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