Metal Ceramic Crown ( Pfm Crown ) Treatment In Jaipur

Metal Ceramic Crowns/Caps for teeth

A metal ceramic cap or crown is a shell of metal which has a layer of tooth colored ceramic on it which makes it look like a natural tooth.

These crowns have either alloys of nickle or chromium as the base or they can be completely nickle free.Nickle free crowns are usually better as some patients are allergic to nickle and these crowns are better for the health of the gums in the long run

Are these metal ceramic crowns/caps for treatment of teeth made in Jaipur?

These crowns are manufactured both in Jaipur and in metro cities like delhi and Mumbai.

We at facekraft work with the best labs and their finest technicians to get the best possible crowns made for our patients.

Role of CAD/CAM (computer aided designing and machining) in manufacturing of these crowns

Crowns/caps made with the help of CAD/CAM process are the best,they fit very well on the tooth and leave virtually no gaps in the area surrounding the crowns.

How will metal ceramic caps/crowns for my teeth be made?

First of all your tooth will be prepared and reduced from all the areas to make space for the new crown.Then an impression is made to make a maodel of your tooth for it to be send to the lab where through cad cam process a very skilled technician will make your crown.

Metal Ceramic Crown image