Full Ceramic (Zirconia /Emax Crown) In Jaipur

Zirconia/E max full ceramic crown- Metal free crown in Jaipur.

A crown or a cap is placed on a tooth usually after a root canal treatment or when the tooth itself requires additional support because of a large cavity which has been filled.

Full ceramic or metal free crowns are the closest to a natural tooth as possible. They are free from metals and hence offer two benefits:

  1. An MRI of the oral cavity or jaw region will be free of radiation scatter and will be clearer as compared to when you have a metal-ceramic crown in the mouth.
  2. These are healthier for the gums as they are free of metals.

A metal-free zirconia e max crown can be very easily customized according to the existing neighboring teeth. We can plan to place small elements like pan stains, fluorosis dots, and white spots thus making it as natural as possible.

What is the cost of metal free (zirconia/emax) crowns in Jaipur?


The cost of these crowns varies from 7500 to 10000 rs depending on the kind of work which is required on the tooth, amount of time which will be invested by the dentist to prepare it and also the lab is going to manufacture it.

At Facekraft dental implant clinic, we usually recommend Nexzr metal free crowns. This is a company which is the world leader in metal free crowns and the crowns are made of a hard ceramic shell which does not break and is there to serve you for years to come.