Root Canal Treatment In Jaipur : When a patient calls… 3 AM in the night

Tale of a foreign national looking for Dental Tourism. There are days when you just want a good night’s sleep after a long day in the clinic. With all the procedures done the back is hurting and the fingers are aching. All you pray is for a good night’s sleep. But that is not how things work, right in the middle of the night my phone rang, instinctively I picked it up and here is what follows: “Hello!” a female voice from [...]

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When police calls in the middle of a surgery – Interesting story.

I was in the middle of an dental implant surgery when my phone rang, mobile phones are the single most irritating and distracting factors that have entered our lives and work place. So my assistant picked it up and brought it to me ear, I said “Hello” “Is this Dr Prateek Jain?” “Yes, it is” The same Dr Prateek who has a dental clinic in malviya nagar ,Jaipur? “Yeaaaah, how can I help you?”, I said after getting a little irritated as my whole focus [...]

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