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Festival season and tooth cavities

It’s the most celebrated time of the year, lighting all around, people in happy and festive mood and always ready to celebrate even the smallest of occasions. And how do you greet and celebrate? By offering each other sweets and chocolates. Diwali season is a time where we lose control over our eating habits. The consumption of sweets increases by many folds which also increases the amount of carbohydrate or in simple words sugar that comes and remains in contact [...]


Why do Dental treatment costs vary from clinic to clinic

“Why do Dental treatment costs vary from clinic to clinic?” -A question that patients have on their mind. “So what’s dental treatment cost is Jaipur?” I was surprised to be asked this question by an Australian national who was sitting beside me in my flight from Delhi to Jaipur while I was coming back after attending an Implant conference in Delhi. I was both amused and intrigued because till now we were just asking each other the usual co traveller questions – [...]