Broken Tooth Repair

Why should I get my broken tooth repair? :

broken tooth not only looks unpleasing to the eye, it also gives an impression that you are not someone who puts up an effort to look presentable. If a large piece of the tooth breaks off, it can hurt. Extreme discomfort can happen when nerve endings in the dentin are exposed to air or hot or cold foods or drinks.

Is looks and being presentable the only reason? :

Of course not, a broken tooth involving the deeper layers of tooth structure can become sensitive to temperature changes. In future, this sensitive tooth can lead to infections called periapical infection on the root apex.

What are the treatment options available for a broken or chipped tooth? :

Treatment for a broken or chipped tooth will depend on how severely it is damaged. The dentist will first take an X-Ray of the broken tooth to see the level of tissue involvement. Once that is diagnosed treatment options can be explored which range from a simple buildup of the broken portion using artificial dental filling materials to a root canal procedure followed by a crown over the tooth.

My dentist has suggested tooth enamel repair. What is it?

Sometimes the first layer of the tooth which is the enamel just chips off. In these cases, the patient might feel tooth pain and sensitivity on taking hot or cold fluids. Your dentist will put a layer of protective filling material over the broken area and seal the nerve endings thus helping you get relief from sensitivity and severe tooth pain.However, sometimes a broken tooth extraction (removal) has to be done when it is not repairable which is then followed by a dental implant surgery or dental bridge prosthesis.