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Best Dentist in Jaipur : BNI and how it gave a surprise patient for our practice

I am a member of BNI, Business network international, a group of focussed business owners who meet every week in the morning to have breakfast together. I have this knack of taking leadership roles in whichever social organisation I am having membership with, BNI was no different.

So for BNI I was asked to go to Bangalore to take training for the role of support director. This workshop was of two days and here I met 50 other business owners from all over India.

One such individual was Malvika Joshi, a brand consultant working in Pondicherry. We were talking about our respective businesses when she asked me :

“so where are you from ?

“I come from the princely state of Rajasthan”

“Arre! That’s such a sweet co incidence, my sister is a theatre artist and right now is in Jaipur performing at Jawahar Kala Kendra. You know that place?”

theatre show

“Yes Malvika, JKK is an iconic place in Jaipur and its where most of the cultural and stage shows happen.”

Just then her phone rang and the colour of her face turned from pink to pale. She looked very tense,she kept on talking for the next 5 minutes and then as soon as she kept the phone down she said “My sister took a fall and has hurt her lip badly, she has also broken her front tooth completely”

“Everything else is ok?”

“Yes, otherwise she is fine but she has a performance day after tomorrow and she is the lead actor. Now what will she do?”
“With what you are describing looks like your sister will need a dental implant to replace the missing tooth.”

She then bombarded me with questions- “what is a dental implant? From where will she get a dental implant in Jaipur? Do you need to buy it from some medical shop?”

We want Best Dentist in Jaipur

“Dental implant is a titanium pillar with threads which is placed in place of the broken tooth and a new artificial tooth is placed over it.”

“Do you know some dental implant dentist in Jaipur who does that?”

“First, it is not dental implant dentist but the specialization is called dental Implantologist and second, yes I know someone who does that.”

“And who would that be?”

That’s me!

“You? are you a dentist?”

And then it dawned upon her that how I knew so much about dental implants and other things related to it.

“That’s such a relief Doc ,where do you practice?”

“I have my dental clinic in malviya nagar Jaipur, very near to Jawahar Kala Kendra and I can help your sister with her front tooth right in the morning tomorrow itself.”


She called her up and asked me immediately with a gentle smile “my sister is very happy that she will get a dental implant in Jaipur itself but she wants to go to the best dentist in Jaipur,I hope you are one !”

We scheduled an appointment with her sister and next day in the morning placed one Nobel Biocare implant and immediately placed an artificial tooth over the implant.

Not only was she able to perform like a maverick on the stage but also smiled as confidently as one can.

She called me on stage and told the whole story to the audience and ended my introduction by saying “I wanted to go to the best dentist in Jaipur and I certainly went to one who gave me my smile back. Needless to say BNI‘s support director training helped me win many hearts. I was satisfied to the core as my work helped someone in dire need. This incident brings a smile to my face every time I think about it.