Tooth Pain Relief

Tooth Pain Relief

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal therapy or root canal procedure is performed upon a tooth when the pulp becomes inflamed or infected. During the root canal treatment, the infected pulp is removed and the inside of the tooth is properly cleaned and disinfected. The root canal filling is usually done using an inert medicated material called Gutta Percha. After that, the tooth root canal is restored by a crown or a cap which prevents the tooth from fracturing.

Do I need a Root Canal?

A Root canal Therapy is done for three major reasons

(a) To cure a painful tooth.

(b) An elective root canal is done on a tooth when there is severe sensitivity in a tooth.

(c) When a tooth is broken due to trauma to such an extent that it has lost a major part of its structure.

Though there can be other reasons also to do a root canal but these are the most common causes.

Single Visit Root Canal Treatment:

With the advancement in equipment and technology, it is now possible to finish the root canal procedure in just one sitting. While in the past a root canal procedure was dreaded for being painful, it is virtually painless now because of the precision of the equipment like apex locator and the accurate X- ray taken with digital RVG machines.

What if I just take some medicine for a toothache, will my pain not go away?

Many patients take medicine for some time and their pain also goes away temporarily. However, the sad part is, the pain comes back and it is a severe tooth pain. Until the time the dental surgeon does not clean the entire infection and remove the infected tooth parts by performing a root canal procedure, you will continue to suffer from severe tooth pain.

Are there any side effects of tooth root canal?

The root canal procedure is safe and has no side effects whatsoever. The root canal filling in our clinic is done with materials which are US FDA approved and are the best in quality. So if the patient is thinking about the quality of the materials being used, we use the top notch stuff and nothing less.

What is a root canal crown?

A root canal crown or a cap as known generally is placed over the tooth after the root canal filling is done. This crown is placed so that the tooth is protected from future injuries like fracture of a tooth. FACE KRAFT dental clinic takes pride in having state of the art equipment like the X-mart Endo motor, Kodak RVG, Xray unit and Digital apex locator from Sybron Endo Company. All of these make our Root Canal procedure very accurate and precise helping us provide a cure for a toothache in the first visit itself. The price of a root canal at FACE KRAFT is reasonable and patient friendly.

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