We take care of our elderly patients and help them restore their food chewing capacity with a variety of treatment options which include Complete dentures,Partial dentures & Implant supported dentures.

  • Complete Denture: A complete denture can be given immediately with in 24 hours of extracting the teeth or can be given after 6-12 weeks of healing period after extraction of the teeth.
  • Partial Denture: A partial denture is given when the oral cavity is missing a few teeth.The artificial teeth are first fixed with in a gum colored acrylic plate and then it is placed in the mouth and supported with the help of metal clasps.

Frequently asked questions : 

  • The dentist near me has suggested that I should get a denture with a soft liner.What is the difference between a normal and a soft liner denture?

A denture which is layered with a soft liner is very gentle on your gums and tissues of the mouth hence it leads to very little discomfort and very less chance of ulcer formation.Since the quality of a soft liner denture is much better it is a little expensive compared to a normal denture.

  • Will the denture be like by natural teeth? : Dentures are made to resemble as closely to the natural teeth as possible.A denture supports the cheeks and the lips and help restore the natural contour of the face.
  • Will I be able to chew any kind of food with my new dentures? :It takes time to get adjusted to the new dentures.Patients are advised to begin with soft foods initially and slowly and steadily introduce new foods to return to their normal diet.

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