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Root Canal Treatment In Jaipur : When a patient calls… 3 AM in the night

Tale of a foreign national looking for Dental Tourism. There are days when you just want a good night’s sleep after a long day in the clinic. With all the procedures done the back is hurting and the fingers are aching. All you pray is for a good night’s sleep. But that is not how things work, right in the middle of the night my phone rang, instinctively I picked it up and here is what follows: “Hello!” a female voice from [...]

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Why do Dental treatment costs vary from clinic to clinic

“Why do Dental treatment costs vary from clinic to clinic?” -A question that patients have on their mind. “So what’s dental treatment cost is Jaipur?” I was surprised to be asked this question by an Australian national who was sitting beside me in my flight from Delhi to Jaipur while I was coming back after attending an Implant conference in Delhi. I was both amused and intrigued because till now we were just asking each other the usual co traveller questions – [...]


Why Do My Gums Bleed On Brushing?

Ever wondered why do your gums bleed after you brush your teeth?There can be many reasons but one of the most common is: Calculus buildup leading to swelling of gums.These swollen gums when come in contact with a tooth brush get injusred by even slight amount of friction leading to bleeding. So how can you avoid this fairly common problem?Three simple steps that you take today will solve this problem. 1.Brush twice daily : Every one knows that they need to brush [...]

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